All J. Paul Brent  and La Jolla Shores brand 100% silk neckwear is hand cut and fully handsewn and either made in a new, state-of-the-art Italian owned and managed facility in the Orient (denoted as "Imported" in the description) or made in New York City from imported Italian or British silk

The key is that we are working with the designers from the same Italian textiles companies that supply silk to the very biggest names in Italian, British and U.S. neckwear and that's why our ties are far more ornate and of higher quality as compared to other relatively inexpensive tie suppliers online.

Another extremely important component of our ties is our thick, brushed wool "4 Gold Bar" lining used in their hand construction. This is the lining used in the majority of the world's most expensive neckwear and truly compliments our rich silks by giving our ties a luxurious feel and excellent knotting and drape characteristics.

We add a distinctive yet functional touch by handsewing an extra guide loop, made of the same silk from each of our designs, on to all of our exclusive neckwear.

Each tie is rolled to avoid creasing, wrapped in Fleur-de-lis patterned tissue paper and placed in one of our classic J. Paul Brent gift boxes.

Our neckwear is made in three sizes currently-- Regular, Extra-Long (XL) and XXL. Our Regular
size is approximately 57" length by 3.5" - 3.75" width, our XLs are approximately 62" by either 3.75" - 4" and our XXL size is approximately 67" by 4".



Neckwear Sizing

Neckwear Handling & Care

It is well-known that silk neckwear can be extremely difficult to maintain. However, we would like to provide a few tips for our clientele that should help prolong the life and look of your J. Paul Brent neckwear.

Although all silk is susceptible to creasing or wrinkling, the very popular woven silks used today are particularly vulnerable. Please use great care in removing your tie after wear by untying it rather than pulling it loose. You should store your fine neckwear either rolled or draped in a dry area as humidity may also cause or prolong wrinkling.

If your neckwear is wrinkled or creased we suggest one of two methods to restore:

First, you can have a very light pressing done to restore the tie. Never allow an iron or press to make direct contact with your silk neckwear. Simply have your neckwear lightly ironed by first placing a clean towel or press cloth over the body of the tie and pressing it utilizing the lowest setting possible.

A second method is to have your neckwear placed face down on a clean surface and apply light bursts of steam to the fabric by holding an iron or steamer product approximately one inch or more above the tie.

One of these two applications should remove most wrinkles or creases in woven or printed silk.

As for the professional cleaning of our neckwear, we recommend only one source, Tiecrafters, Inc. of New York. This company is renowned in our industry for their expertise in the cleaning & maintenance of fine neckwear.

To contact them:

Tiecrafters, Inc.
252 West 29th Street
New York  NY  10001

Tel: (212) 629-5800
E-mail: customerservice@tiecrafters.com
Online: www.tiecrafters.com

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