Your made-to-order J. Paul Brent Custom Dress Shirts.  Exquisite detailing, made in Hong Kong in a U.S. owned and managed state-of-the-art factory by experienced shirtmakers well-versed in the art of fit and finish.

We offer our clientele over 200 fine fabrics, crisp colors and aesthetically pleasing patterns with which to construct your dress shirt collection. In our easy ordering format you simply choose your fabrics, your body style, your collar and cuff style, your neck and sleeve sizes and whether or not you prefer to finish with a monogram. It's that simple.

In approximately 5-6 weeks you will be donning your J. Paul Brent dress shirts-- a model of refinement and good taste. Your taste.

Please see below for more information as to sample swatch requests, minimum ordering quantities, our dress shirt return policy, sizing & care guidelines and more.

To begin constructing your fine J. Paul Brent Custom Dress Shirts, please begin your selections here.




We welcome and encourage (even prefer) your requests for sample swatches of our Custom Dress Shirt fabrics. To have samples sent to you please e-mail us at with your name and address and your choice of samples by product number. Unless there are special circumstances, we would request that you limit your sample order to 12 swatches or less-- thank you.

There is no charge for this service.

Minimum Order Requirements For Custom Dress Shirts

Please note that our minimum dress shirt order is two (2) shirts of the same exact size per shipping address which can be selected from any fabric from any group in any combination. In constructing your dress shirts it is necessary for our factory to lay out, measure and cut your fabric by hand which is extremely labor intensive and results in a $5 upcharge to us for less than 3 shirts at a time and a $15 upcharge for orders less than 2 shirts. We are absorbing the $5 upcharge when need be but if you wish to order one (1) dress shirt it will be necessary to charge you the factory upcharge of $15 for your single shirt order. We do apologize for the inconvenience but the $15 upcharge would simply erode the profit margin too far as our Custom Dress Shirts are very heavily discounted as is. Thank you for your consideration in this instance.

Return Policy & Guarantee

Your satisfaction with your J. Paul Brent Custom Made Dress Shirt is paramount. Please contact us should you find your shirt order unsatisfactory for any reason and we will make every effort to accommodate you, as always.

Sizing and Care

Your made-to-order dress shirt is manufactured to reach its final size (the size that you order) after approximately four (4) launderings. Thus, your shirt collar size and sleeve length will be slightly larger than ordered until laundered.

For best and safest results, have your dress shirts laundered and hand-ironed non-commercially. If commercial laundering is necessary, there are a few helpful hints to ensure the best chance of high quality appearance and longevity for your dress shirts.

Avoid the use of starch. If desired, request the use of "light starch" only but be aware that a request of "no starch" will result in a light starching of your shirt as commercial laundries use some amount of the chemical at all times. Excessive starch will destroy fibers and promote excessive shrinkage of your shirts.

Unbutton all buttons including collar (if applicable), sleeve plackets and cuffs. Shirts must be unbuttoned before they are placed on commercial press equipment to eliminate possible damage if the shirts are unbuttoned in haste by the laundry personnel

Remove the collar stays. After repeated pressings an outline of the stay will show through the top side of your collars. High temperature presses will melt the stays causing them to become very brittle and break inside the collar.

Inquire of your laundry as to their use of chlorine bleach. If in use the chlorine bleach will yellow your white shirts and will also facilitate color deterioration in your non-white collection.

Inquire of your laundry as to the temperature of their shirt presses. Temperatures should not exceed 300 degrees F. Excessive temperatures promote shrinkage and accelerate the need for presser maintenance. This maintenance is usually pad replacement, which if not done often enough, will result in excessive button breakage.

 Inquire of your laundry as to their use of "buffered sours" in the laundering of your shirts. Recent findings show their use to be instrumental in eliminating damage to striped shirts. Also, is the laundry a member in good standing with the International Fabricare Institute (IFI)? Members of this organization have access to cutting edge information regarding fine fabric care.

Oftentimes voicing the first one or two of the above concerns will bring the owner/manager to the service counter to speak with you. This should help you further identify the laundry's ability and /or willingness to provide you with the best professional care for your investment in your J. Paul Brent custom made-to-order dress shirts.

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